Preventative Maintenance Programs

Preventative Maintenance Programs for Commercial Properties

The Oasis Group offers over 2 decades of experience working with commercial property owners, managers, business owners, facilities managers, non-profits, and churches. We have learned no two businesses, properties, or management companies are alike. As a result, it is nearly impossible to provide pricing for a preventative maintenance program without first gathering some detailed information about your commercial property. However, once we gather the information we need, we can provide you with a customized preventative maintenance program tailored to your commercial property. Our priority as your local commercial contractor is finding a solution that exceeds your expectations for your present and future needs and budget. Nevertheless, highlighted below are several critical preventative maintenance tasks you can expect from The Oasis Group.

Creating your oasis

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Commercial Thermography Report

In our opinion, a detailed thermography report on your roof is the most important aspect of any property – This is one of our unique attributes, and likely something you won’t find others do as a part of any program.

A state-of-the-art 3D interior and exterior view of your property – This allows you and us to see your entire property right quickly and easily from any device, ensuring that any work or scope that needs to be prepared is accurate. This also greatly speeds up anything you may want to do in the future because we don’t need to send people to your space.

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Onsite Inspections, Energy Assessment, Detailed Reports

Automatic, recurring visits at your preferred frequency to check for problems ahead of time – We believe that it’s best for you and your property to prevent damages instead of just maintaining something. We know that most items will be ongoing until it is resolved fully, think root cause vs what you may see visibly.

A full energy assessment – In many cases, we can help lower your electric bills after we complete this!

Creating a detailed, and constantly updating photo library of your property to ensure that if something happens like a major storm, we can present what is needed to your insurance if you choose to open a claim and get those resolved at very little cost to you.

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