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Commercial Remodeling Experience Matters

For commercial remodeling and commercial renovations, commercial property owners, managers, business owners, facilities managers, non-profits, and churches face two issues simultaneously. First, most of the time commercial remodeling and commercial renovations take place while business owners, employees and their customers are using the space. It is critical your office remodeling contractor or church renovation contractor minimize intrusiveness to business operations. Second, the best office renovation contractors should maintain the highest safety standards. At The Oasis Group, we get it! With over 2 decades of commercial remodeling experience, you can count on The Oasis Group to pay attention to the details that matter to you. We are a commercial renovation company and commercial remodeling contractor with expertise in tenant buildouts, repurposing and adding new commercial space, and code compliance renovations. Our priority as your local commercial remodeling contractor is finding commercial remodeling solutions that exceed your expectations for your building’s present and future needs and commercial remodeling budget.

Over 2 Decades Commercial Remodeling Experience

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Our Commercial Remodeling and Commercial Renovation Areas of Expertise

  • Office Remodeling Contractors
  • New Tenant Commercial Buildouts
  • Repurposing and Adding New Commercial Space
  • Commercial Bathroom Remodel Contractors
  • Code Compliance Renovations
  • Commercial Restroom Remodeling Contractors
  • Restaurant Remodeling Contractors
  • Commercial Kitchen Contractors
  • Church Renovation Company
  • Church Remodeling Contractor
  • Small Church Remodeling

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Commercial Renovations and Remodeling Create Opportunities for Renewable Energy

The Oasis Group is your local renewable energy expert in commercial solar panels and LED retrofits.  Many decision makers and executive boards overlook the incredible possibility of eliminating their commercial property’s energy costs when they are considering a commercial remodeling estimate or a commercial renovation estimate.  Unlike The Oasis Group, not all commercial contractors are renewable energy experts.  As a result, decision-makers and executive boards never get a chance to explore their renewable options.  In most cases, solar panel installation and LED lights to pay for themselves over time, leading to a commercial property that is energy independent, and highly marketable if selling is in your plans.  If you are currently reviewing your commercial remodeling costs, request a hassle-free energy assessment of your commercial property from The Oasis Group. Your hands are already “under the hood” so to speak, the only thing to lose is ideas to save money.